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TMSS Medical College was incorporated in January 2008. In this regard, this is a unique programme; hoping it will stand on the top of the list of Medical Colleges, helping the suffering of mankind. TMC offers 5 year MBBS degree programme. Community Oriented Medical Education (COME), curriculum offered by the BANGLADESH Medical & Dental Council (BM&DC). The construction of new College building and 1000 bed hospitals is in progress and expected to be completed within near future. Presently, the classes are running at the 12 stored Academic building in TMSS Campus of Bogra. Already a modern hospital has been attached as Teaching Hospital for the clinical training of the students before 1000 bed new hospital functioning. Fee structure for Indian students Fee structure for Indian and foreign students Total package for Complete 5 years MBBS course is furnished below for information Total Tuition fee for 5 years course is US$ 37,000 USD including Hostel Accommodation & Fooding as like 4 star hostel. At the time of Admission (Dec) : US$ 15000 2nd Year : US$ 5500 3rd Year : US$ 5500 4th Year : US$ 5500 5th Year : US$ 5500 Students will have to pay US$ 2000 to college account as advance tuition fee for booking foreign student seat in ‘TMSS Medical College’. This amount will be adjusted from first installment of admission fee. For college invitation letter Indian student have to contact with Mukoo Worldwide Education Consultancy, Kolkata with Class 10th & 12th Mark-sheets. Tmss medical collegeGeneral Information for Payment of installment fees Foreign student should pay their tuition fee in US$ as swift transfer in above mentioned account. Also he/she can pay in local currency; in that case the conversion rate of US$ to local currency will be fixed up by the college authority on the basis of bank selling rate during the time of payment. Student will have to pay yearly installment fees from January to 31st March without fine. Foreign student if failed to pay their tuition fees within the stipulated time a fine of US$ 1.00 per day along with arrears tuition fee is payable. If he/she fails to pay within one month after scheduled time, his/her name will be stuck from attendance register. Student who fails to come out successful during a regular period of 5 years will become irregular. In such case, the yearly session charges, tuition fees, hostel charges & other charges (if any) shall be borne by the student. If a student wants to discontinue his/her study within one year after getting admitted into the college, he/she will have to pay 60% of agreed total cost of education before getting clearance certificate from the college. Indian and other Foreign Student Support with cooperation with Mukoo worldwide Regarding admission in TMSS Medical College: Foreign Student Desk works for total admission procedure in MBBS & BDS Course in native country and abroad FSD provides 24 hour services to all sorts of queries from student or guardian side regarding MBBS & BDS admission in TMSS Medical College and uses web facilities such as email, telephone & instant chat for communication & other related task. Call Helpline +91 9999599636 FSD help foreign student for getting equivalence certificate & other student visa related issue during their procedure of admission. TMSS has its own office near to almost every land port like Burimari, Hili, Benapole land port and head office in Dhaka. Tieup with Mukoo Worldwide Education Consultancy head office in Dwarka, Delhi, India. Foreign desk coordinates and maintained communication with these office regarding arrival & departure of foreign student which include activities like immigration services, transportation & other related support. Regarding this issue the location and distance of TMSS Medical College (TMC) from different entry point of Bangladesh are given below: From Dhaka Airport : 187 km (4 hr 30 minute by road through national highway) From Saidpur Airport : 126 km (2 hr 30 minute by road through national highway) From Chengrabanda/Burimari Land Port: 200 km (4 hr 15 minute by road through national highway) From Hili Land Port : 78 km (1 hr 30 minute by road through national highway) From Benapole Land Port : 299 km (6 hr by road through national highway) Regarding academic and other support: FSD along with college administration give highest privilege to newly admitted medical student regarding academic support so that they can easily understand the teaching in their class. FSD ensures foreign student to comply the rules and laws in Bangladesh such as periodic police verification after their arrival and student visa extension. Overall management and continuous supervision for maintaining standard of living and food facilities in their hostel. Monitor academic activity of student and send progress report to guardian at regular interval. FSD regularly arrange a meeting with student concerning study related issues as well as personal circumstances. For more Information regarding MBBS Abroad, contact us: +91 9999599636

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Anatomy: Introduction to the structure of the human body, including gross anatomy, histology, and embryology. Emphasis on the study of organs, tissues, and their functions.

Physiology:Study of normal body functions and mechanisms, including cell biology, biochemistry, and molecular biology. Understanding the principles of homeostasis and organ systems.

Biochemistry: Exploration of biochemical processes occurring within living organisms, focusing on metabolism, enzyme kinetics, and molecular genetics. Introduction to carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, and nucleic acids.

Biophysics: Basic principles of physics applied to biological systems, including thermodynamics, electricity, and optics. Understanding the physical basis of physiological processes.

Medical Ethics:Discussion of ethical principles and professional conduct in the medical field. Exploration of issues such as patient confidentiality, informed consent, and end-of-life care.

Introduction to Clinical Skills: Introduction to basic clinical skills such as patient communication, history-taking, and physical examination. Hands-on training in a simulated environment.

Medical Terminology:Introduction to medical terminology, including prefixes, suffixes, and root words. Development of skills in deciphering and interpreting medical terms.

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